Part I.

The main target of our activity is propagation of knowledge related to human substance, society and Universe, the environment where we are living and our society is developing. Our attention is focused on sustainable development of individuals and whole society. The conditions for this are permanently worsening and the cause is rooted in growing internal and external influences which are unfortunately not very well recognized investigated and explained.

It would be naive to expect that present state of relative stability of natural conditions on our planet and in its neighborhood, especially the relative absence of significant catastrophic events will last forever. It would be not imaginable for our civilization considered as intelligent to ignore solution of this problem or to overlook it with false hopes that a similar event will never happen or will be occurring in the near future damaging our ancestors. This would be literally disgusting because the next generations will be damaged by our negligence and the situation will be made inferior by our behavior. They will be left with less time and space for the survival.

We are systematically making next generations more vulnerable, unaware and unprepared.It is very bad, that our present knowledge of solar physics, physics of the star which is in principle unstable with the activity human life allowing, nevertheless also permanently endangering is not sufficient.

Prognostics of sustainable biological life development are much neglected subject of human cognition. It does not emerge as well developed science and is more less known from the popular catastrophic scenarios, more than like a series on real knowledge founded scientific discipline. This science is extremely important for sustainable development and human civilization’s future.

The study of different critical phenomena, mainly focuses on these, which are occurring independently on human society and its lifestyle. Internally deeply hidden and not less alarming threats of our society intentionally or unintentionally created are neglected, or until now unrecognized. Absolutely negligent attention is devoted to the research of threats which are evolving from the wrong development direction of human personality and human psychics, what is the result of technological influences and the decline of the nature. Decreasing ability of human individuals to survive without the assistance of technologies is the typical example.solution of this range of complex scientific, and social problém is not possible without their full identification and complete understanding not only from the side of professional, but of broad public as well. This is the problém of all of us humans and we all must contribute to its understanding and solving.

Our world, our civilization is developing chaotically and incredibly wastefully, not as the result of the clear defined target and sustainable life concept. Number of inhabitants are still increasing and easily deployable resources are vanishing. Our use of natural resources is very selfish and irresponsible. To solve this situation will be not an easy task. Our society must better use and distribute products and resources. They must be used and distributed in a better way, which is respecting future needs of the sustainable development of humanity. This is the main task of the economy as a science. However, such task is with the present economy, not considered, Our economy is programmed very differently and until the economy will become reliable and rational life component based on the scientific cognition and respecting development needs and will be only irational competitiom of overambitious individuals driven by their own personal profit human society will have no chance to sustain. Future generations will have no time and resources. It will be not possible to solve problems of sustainable development. In order to change this state of matters, means to place the economy on the level of really rationale science, compared with other sciences, otherwise humanity is following the path to early deliberate extinction.

The present model of humane education and learning is not for such a critical situation adequately developed and must be radically changed, unfortunately the will for such a change is missing. New approaches must take into account that the change starts with education. Education of human individual already from his birth with the goal to understand what is the substabstance of reasonable relatively safe life which is sourced from the real situation and from the conditions given by the surrounding environment. The human being must understand own limitations given by its own biological substance and by the distorted sensing of reality (known as anthropic philosophy), which is very deeply buried in his senses and is strongly subjective. This is a considerable limitation in the way of understanding of objective reality, but which is not limiting it absolutely. Development of physic is offering new ways how such limitations remove, but this task is very difficult. This task is expecting a new generation of society, which is aware of own actions and is responsible to future generations. Our present society is not yet accepting similar responsibility.


From the above attached contents we can conclude the scope of the practical activities of institution.

  • Publication activities.
    In order to change the present negative tendency of development of human society, which is very deeply rooted it is necessary to overcome many hurdles. We have to increase the quality of information not only by professionals but also of the broad public. Explaining the principles of sustainable development to a broad public. Understanding this problem is one of the basic tasks.The institution will be involved in the publication with the goal to specify and explain the problem why is the present situation unacceptable argumentation must based on real proves of proclaiming statements and not only formal and empty declarations.
  • Neutrino detection.
    Further development of physical science is closely related to the problem of neutrino detection as well as detection of other hypothetical particles and fields. Without an understanding of this is further transit to a new quality of the objective reality of cognitively impossible. The neutrino is very likely having substantial influence on the individual life as biological unit, but despite of this we are not aware of its real action. And we are not able to detect it in necessary range.For this reason our institution will be involved in the development of new technologies and methods of neutrino detection. The first step in this direction will be construction of own binary coincidence telescope.
  • Solar energy, energy source of human future.
    Next subject of activity of the institution is problem of solar energy applications. Solar energy is in reality the only acceptable and fully realistic source of energy for the future. Unfortunately, very strong individual economical interests are destroying applications of this energy and leading the development of this technology in the wrong direction by this damaging its reputation from the position of the broad public.The institution will be involved in the development and production of inexpensive parabolic solar concentrators. This product will be first introduced in the form of prototypes and consequently into the serial production.

Bohumir Mike Placek, D. Phys,
founder of the institution


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