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Bohumir Mike Placek

Bohumir Mike Placek is the Czech physicist, specializing mainly in experimental physics in various applications from the Nuclear spectroscopy, astrophysics, physics of Ultracold neutrons (UCN), Neutrino and random processes, participating in different fields of the computer science, mathematics and cybernetics used in physical applications.

He was born in Pilsen, studied at Charles University in Prague, became assistant of prof.  Kunzl and later of prof. Petrzilka, with whom and his group of colleagues he was the coofounder of the new Chair of Nuclear physics. In 1957 and later working in the FIAN in Moscow by the Prof M. Frank, Nobel Prize laureat and started cooperation with Italian physicist Bruno Pontecorvo. In 1967 he was sent on trainning to England to ICL. In 1971 after the 1968 revolution, he was accused of treason because of his public activity in England in the years following Prague Spring 1968. He was not allowed to continue his research of random processes (all results of this scientific achievement in this field was confiscated) and was kept under close supervision by the Czech State Security until 1975, when he was allowed to partially return to his non physical work in computer technology. Since his release from the State services he has read lectures on Cybernetics at the Technical University in Prague for postgraduate students. In 1983 he was sold as a computer expert to the Netherlands to the Compusoft in Lisse, the diagnostic software developer co-founded by him. He obtained NL citizenship and stayed in the Netherlands working in software development, car diagnostics and self learning systems. He succeeded with his innovative design of car testing street and decided to invest related profits in the development in his original profession of nuclear spectroscopy and mainly neutrino detection, what he still privately studied abroad. After the Czech democratic revolution his family returned to Prague, but he continued his development work in the Netherlands and Belgium until the year 1996 when he was chosen as a CEO of the US based telecommunication developer. In the same time he started his cooperation with one of the leading astronomer and his friend Ing. Bohumil Malecek. Astrophysical observatory in Rabstejn is the result of this cooperation. Bohumir Mike Placek was also involved in many different activities, but his main hobby is focused on the art, mainly the music and the prose writing. For this reason he founded on the Rabstejn Institution supporting science and education with own Publishing House with the name RabstejnLab. His personal credo is the fight with dogmatism and cultural decay of human society, supporting the open democratic society.

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