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Twilight of Civilization, vision of a physicist

B. Plaček


The future of human society is controlled by the power of money, there is no other more dominant driving force than this. As a consequence, human intelligence is not able to escape from the trap of anthropic thinking, not able to avoid early termination. There is still a little faith, that this may be in future altered. However, similar escape demands very significant change of human behavior, nonetheless in contemporary society there are similar notions not visible.

A way to survive must be started by the revolutionary change of our philosophy and the physical thinking. A change of attention from the “macro”  to the “micro” cosmos, back to our living environment and our own thinking free of the technological slavery.

610 pages

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Fyzika života
Bohumír Plaček


Present physics is in crises.The way out from it is  expecting fundamental change of thinking, not only in the science, but in the whole society. This process is developing in the background of the present social development, which is excessively influenced by the chaotic development of technologies which is bringing contemporary society on the verge of disaster. Very important chganges in the understanding in the surrounding world are caused by the new changed understanding of the physical substance. This book is not only explaining main problems of physics, human, mind and thinking and of technology, the book contains also important warning. It is turning attention to problems and dangering human future, however our society does not recognize them because of the growing public ignorance in this field of knowledge.

384 pg, the edition
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